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cinnamon fish

Cayuga Cayuga cinco de mayo

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Cayuga lake trout were partying and hungry on cinco de Mayo and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Had an epic day, 19 lakers landed & 1 salmon. It's like going to the gym and getting a heck of a workout, strong fish. Largest fish of the day, a 29.75" 9.9 pound moose. All released except one to eat.  Fish came mostly from the east shore, anywhere from a couple of miles south of Myers all the way up to the power plant.  They were active and hungry.  Good luck to all out there today!





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I was really all over the place depth wise and catching them at a lot of different depths, but I think the 80 - 140 fow zone may have been best.  Generally my spoons were 45-65 down.  I did catch a few in much deeper water (including the biggest one), and a couple in shallower too.  The water temps are jumping around a lot right now, so I guess they are exploring different areas.  I saw temps anywhere from 40 - 51 degrees, and everything in between.  Good luck!

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