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Southern Tier walleye opener..

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 We don't have the fishing  here thats up north but there  are some  around if you know where to look.. Hit the susky  river from shore before first light, and hung a decent fish first cast,, Dropped it a few feet from shore, but was figuring on good action for the morning  ... wasn't to be.. Not another hit for an hour.. Did catch a 16 inch  bare keeper, later on about 6 am, and a monster size SMB[ released of course] as well, and dropped  another bass..
 went back in the evening for an hour, and caught another nice SMB but thats all.. Not exactly a monumental walleye opener, but I have had worse I suppose..  Walleyes and bass hit Chartreuse twisters on 1/4 jig heads, which has caught more walleyes for me than any other lure by far in the river.... bob

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