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Lady Seneca 5/6/2018

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Went 8 for 12 fishing the south end of Seneca this morning most fish came on the east side around the painted rock, 110-150 FOW suspended. 6 LL 2 Rainbows all caught on spoons. Orange Mooselook ThinFish. Blue and Silver Michigan Stinger, purple and orange Alpena Diamond did most of the damage. Caught most on Seth green rigs but 2 on dipseys. Ran spin n glows and flies but no luck on those (i am probably doing something wrong with that setup as im not too familiar with them). We had a double and a triple hookup. It was awesome to have this much action on Seneca and i hope this continues throughout the year.




fish 4.jpeg

fish 6.jpg

fish 5.jpeg

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Very encouraging Hope it keeps up:yes:

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