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Optimax Engine Oil Tank


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So last summer at the end of the season I thought my onboard oil tank was full because it was tilted.   Long story short it was not and my alarm went off signaling the reserve oil tank in the motor was low.  After filling the onboard tank I topped off the tank in the motor as well.   I believe this was incorrect and I should have bled the system first by running the motor with the cap off if the reserve tank and then put it back on.   So the first trip out after filling I noticed oil dripping out of the motor.   The cap does not appear to be stripped and is secured tightly.   I did notice there is a brass 3 way with a open end nipple attached to the line where the oil is fed.   Could I be experiencing some type of pressure release because I filled it to the top?  I am stumped as to where the oil is coming from and thought would be appreciated.



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FYI this is the fitting where the tube coming from the oil tank connects.  I believe it has a pressurized check valve.  I wonder if by filling it to the top it could have exceeded the optimal pressure.




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