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This is Terry (Robs buddy) I have a very similar boat. I would suggest thinking about a good layout for your boat before buying some tracks. You want to have an idea of how your set up is going to work best for your boat and what your plans are to fish with it. It is better to have more track then you think you will need because you may find yourself adding things later without the added cost of more track. It also gives you the ability to move things around a bit to adjust your spread.


I currently have three sections of track along each side of the boat for a total of 66" on each side. First a 36" track along each side of the boat towards the back the rigger is all the way back then weight holders then three ratcheting rod holders easily. Next I have an 18" section midship for three planer board rod holders on each side. Finally I have a 12" section on each side for net holders and cup holders, etc. If you wanted to stop by to check it out let me know.


Your boat looks great, you will love the Lund.IMG_2554.thumb.JPG.49f20a5eae75ebe0f57df37b0239c8b1.JPG

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