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for sale : usa Wille planer board mast,base, 2 Big Jon Otter boats,2 packs of laurvick releases for sale.

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I didn't want to sell separately  but no one wants the whole package it seems. The only issue is that I'm not sure exactly  when I'll be at turtle cove just yet. It may be Wednesday night, or Thursday morning. If seperate the boards will be $300, the one is brand new. The mast is $100, the 2 packs of releases is $20. The timing will be tight, I'll be in and out fishing

 Price is firm  thanks.

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No replies while there for 4 days, I don't want to ship the mast. I'm just going to try and sell local or keep them for now. sorry we couldn't hook up.I'll pm if I decide to ship.


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