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Onondaga Lake Tournament

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A question came up about using bait in the tournament.

Muskies Inc. rules state “Artificial lures & flies only. No live or dead bait can be used.”

We apologize for not stating this on the tournament flyer and will make sure to do so for future events.

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My first time there today. Really nice launch and marina. Pretty good turnout considering the weather. It started raining as soon as we launched and stopped as we were loading up. Caught a nice bunch of fish but they were all lmb. You know you’re a musky guy when you curse about 5lb bass. We caught bass on every lure we threw today. Never saw an esox but water clarity is only 3ft or so and my glasses were wet all day. I don’t know who won or what was caught as I left before the awards cause I was cold and wet.

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We would like to thank all those who participated in our tournament at Onondaga Lake yesterday despite the weather. It was chilly and windy day with a ½” of rain coming down. We had 16 anglers come out to compete with many largemouth being caught as well as a few pike, a gar, and a tiger lost in the net.  Doug and Troy Coney won it all with a 30” pike! We will post pictures as we receive them.

We had a good cookout (thank you Mike Small for cooking!) and raffle table afterwards with many who entered the raffle walking away with multiple items.


A special thanks goes out to Bagley Baits and Phantom lures for their generous donations. Please check out their websites, they have some really great products! 


Thank you to all that helped make this tournament happen. We would also like to thank Mike Fafinski, Mike Small, Mike Breen, Will Carpenter, Karl Price and anyone else who donated towards our raffle table!


We hope to see you at our next tournament in 2 weeks; Waneta Lake on June 2nd!




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