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Where to launch pinegrove/selkirk or mexico?

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We are renting a cabin in Altmar and we're bringing our 21ft boat on a trailer.  Looking for launching suggestions.  Pinegrove is closer than mexico but it's not too big of a difference.  I also would prefer to launch and rent dock space at one of the marinas if that is possible.  We will only be there sat morning through early monday afternoon.  We are new but have the downriggers and everything set up and working on the boat for trolling as well as standard spinning gear.  Any advice regarding fishing would be great too.  We are not too picky but would prefer trout, salmon, walleye or black bass.  Thanks for any input you might have.



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I'd launch and dock at Mike's marina. It will fit your needs for a couple days. Pine Grove is shallow, but you can dock at the marina at the end of the river. I wouldn't use his launch though as there was a big drop there at one time on the end of the ramp.

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