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Safe Boat for Lake Ontario


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Live on North Shore - fish for salmon/rainbows/steelhead around Wellington/Brighton area - Scotch Bonnet etc.

Venture out on calm (very) days in my 16.5 Lowe/50hp Merc

Like to move up to a better/bigger boat that will handle the Lake Ontario swells/waves in not-calm weather.

Would like a cabin/covered helm area

Like to keep the cost under $25,000 (CDN) so am looking at a good used model.

Appreciate any suggestions as to make/model etc that I should look for.


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I have a 23' Proline.  Paid $18k us for it. I take it out in swells and pretty much anything 6' under. Now typically I won't go out it 6' but if it comes up I feel ok about it. The main thing is make sure your engine is well maintained and have backup to the backup Saftey gear and u should be fine. I have fished Lake Erie most of my life with a 20' boat and if u take it easy and don't drive like a manic u can do most days. I always try to plan where I'm fishing. If it's let say a good east or north east wind I will typically run east out of port so I can tell back with the waves in case I get in a pickle.  That's just me though. 

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On May 16, 2018 at 11:03 PM, JMB said:

No preference fiberglass vs aluminum


Want to trailer it.


Ideal boat would be something like this: 


With your budget of $25 CDN ($19,250 US or so) It will be really tough to find a boat like the one you pictured. The boat pictured is a 25' boat, west coast style heavy gauge aluminum. When I was shopping this past fall I was looking for a 22' in the same style. Good 10 year old used ones were $50K & up depending on equipment/motor(s) etc.


As others have said you should be able to find something in an Starcraft Islander, Crestliner Sabre,  etc. 


Good luck with your quest.

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