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Sold / Closed Short Bed Slide in Truck Camper

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2002 Sun Valley, Sun Lite Camper, Will fit 5 1/2' box or 8' with tailgate up. Three way Fridge, Heater, three burner stove. Sleep 3, two in overhead and one on convertible table/bench. With this camper I was able to tow my 19' boat. Port-a-potty...never been used! Weighs 1300 LBS. Electric hookup and City Water connection. Exterior Dimension, length 6'9", width 7' plus cabover! Located near Binghamton, NY $2995.00
















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2002....Camper sits between wheel wells, from front  to back is 6'9". If you look at the back of the camper, you will notice it sitting on a pressure treated platform that supports the camper behind by 5 1/2 ft bed. It was on my F250 short bed and it came out to the edge of the bumper. Can be seen in the Binghamton NY area! Thanks for looking!


Frank Young


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Thanks for the info. My Toyota tundra has a short bed because it's the crew max cab. It might only be 5ft long. Not sure if I would have enough clearance to tow my boat with a camper in the truck bed. I'll have to take some measurements tomorrow.

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It's sitting on a 2013 Tundra Crewmax now....I did use an extension to get past the camper. I have the Torklift tie down brackets that may fit your truck along with the turnbuckles! I would sell those for another $500 if you don't already have a way to secure the camper to the truck. I did put helper springs in the back to handle the extra tongue weight

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I use to bring my boat and camper up to Parish and leave it at a friends house for the summer. I fished Oneida Lake for the Walleyes....The Tundra is a great truck for the camper and pulling the boat. I had a Stratos 385 XF multi species boat with 140 HP. NO PROBLEM TOWING BOTH!

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Extended ball hitch/receiver...Your welcome to the one I have...also the Helper Spring for the truck! Without the helper springs, it will sag and you will feel the sway on curves! The only thing I ask is you pay for the removal of the spring...maybe $50?

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