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Finally made it out there!   A late start, but what the heck...better late than never! :smile:  



Truck worked, trailer lights worked, boat worked, only one boat at the ramp... heh, heh, heh, what else can you ask for!  River 64F.  Surface dropped to 45 real quick.  Calm bright day.  Slow 1/2-1 ft rollers from the west.  Straight off the mouth put in at 60, went to 120, back in to 30 then back out to 110 on the east side.  Water 20 ft down very unstable from 45-85FOW.  


Ran into this fine fellow at 20 down over 100:


1st King of the year...YAY!  A tad over 15, Real solid hook up on a Bloody Blk & Silvr, 28 size.  Short lead, Lots of energy in this beastie!  Kind of thin & just starting to feed.  One lamprey scar. Off at 10.  Looks like it's going to be a pretty good season!


Luck to all,


Tom B.



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Absolutely I couldn’t agree more, congrats to your outing:yes: :yes:. Lots going on at home, I didn’t even take the cover off, I feel as if I’ll be ok on account of the cold water, shooting for June:wait: with post like yours are just what I need:rock: keep up the great job 

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