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Sold / Closed 110 Spoons

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Hi, up for sale are 110 used spoons. They are in assorted sizes, styles and colors and about half of them are NK28s. They have been in storage for 10-20 years. Many are like new, some are in good condition, a few were hand painted or modified. I am located in Southern California and I will ship them priority mail in a box layered in bubble wrap. I can take payment by paypal and I already have made 3 recent sales here. Included are all the spoons seen in the picture. I am asking $165 plus $15 for priority shipping. Sold as a complete lot only. Thank you for looking.



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3 hours ago, dctaz37 said:

Any of them look like the attached photo.


No, I don't have any that look like that. Mine are heavy on the silver/green, silver/green/glow, frog, glow frog, silver with red, monkey puke, etc. Those were always the big producers for me from Sodus to Oak Orchard. You can probably make something like those, you just need a little fluorescent red or pink spray paint and some gloss black enamel.

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