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Hot Spot Rollerbaiters are great. Use the #3 for regular size cut bait. You don't have to worry

about getting the right rotation as they have a rudder attached. So just put them on & get them down!

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I might be kinda partial to this question but our night fury, flobot, rigged and uv ghost rigs have been very consistent last couple years.

That being said the majority of the manufacturers of cut bait rigs all use the same heads for most part. Ryhs davis, king or bigweenie heads. Can't go wrong either way with any of the rig manufacturers imo.



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I will second that Minion.  Minion's Night Fury, Flobot and Uv Ghost meat rigs narrow it down for me.  The Bullseye has TOO much tackle on it.  I don't like messing around with tuning the heads either.  Minion Meat Rigs run right out of the pack.

When it comes to meat these 3 are easy choices.  If I didn't get bit on them, they don't want meat. Period.

First Choice: Night Fury- It is on a paddle attached to a dispy every trip, any time of day.

2nd Choice: UV Ghost- this will start the day and usually matches Night Fury's percentage but may be substituted for Flobot

3rd choice: Flobot- if UV ghost won't go, run the Flo'



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I will 3rd Minions meat rigs! Same colors mentioned before but i will also throw in his purple uv rig. Its always in the water for us along with flo bot. I am excited about his cotton candy rig which is new this year. It should be a killer in the high sun. The best part of Minion is the customer service which is 2nd to none!!!

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