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Out of the Genny In a 15’ boat

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Setup with my coworker and his brother first time ever for them out of the Genny in a 15’ slyvan at 6:30am. Morning was picture perfect! Depth finder was only giving me surface temp and speed but we made the best of it as we cruised out with the 9.9 honda wide open at 8mph LoL. We nestled in the pack of beautiful charter boats and began our North East troll. Riggers set at 35 and 40, copper at 250 also a 3 color and 5 color on the OR 12 boards. Made one loop towards Ibay and back to the Genny no clue what water depth and ended up 11 for 11. Kept our 3 man limit by 10am  and released the rest. Couldn’t have asked for a better start to the Memorial Day weekend God bless all to those that  served and still serve for our freedom. We truly are blessed to live in a world class fishery in the Rochester area. 














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Awesome job guys just proves you don’t need all the bells a whistles to catch fish. Common sense goes along way when it come to going without all the gadgets that a lot of others rely on. In my opinion you couldn’t have picked better timing as the gibbous waxing moon, “the 3 days before” and the “waning gibbous” the three days after a full moon are the best times for fishing, in my world, some don’t believe in it but I’ve had enough success to say this is the days I fish and have been make our Canadian fishing trips around this theory for 30+ years and I feel we have had more way more success than when other guys booked trips that I went on. Either way congrats to your day you have beaten the odds in many different ways!! PAP!!

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Thankyou! I’ve been on the lake sense I was 3yrs old fishing with my father and first mate for my grandfather Ed Patt in his Boat “Brushcut Charters” He started with a small boat and worked his way up to a 26’ penny. But that being said  I totally agree sometimes less is more and makes it more rewarding especially with limited technology. Maybe we can get something going here on LOU topic  with guys and gals using smaller boat setups and there fails and success I think would help out a ton with new people and our season veterans. Thanks again for the kind words tight lines and best of luck to everyone.

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3 hours ago, Silver Fox said:

Eddy was a good dude. I also mated for him some times. I think we used the same silver bullets and watermelon NK 28's all year...lol

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The ones with the most teeth marks were usually the best LoL. I still have a few of his favorite lures and on occasion I still use his custom made rods with the diawa 47h. 

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