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Wanted WTB Lowrance LGC-12W GPS Module antenna

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Thought I would fire a shot here first...Looking for a Lowrance LGC-12W GPS Module antenna.  My back up unit has a bad GPS module and trying to see if anyone has an antenna before I scrap the unit and find another as a back up. Let me know if you have one laying around that you want to part with.....thanks!

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Ready or Knot - it's for an older Lowrance LCX 15 that I use as back up.  Fishfinder  and surface temp works fine as you can disable GPS and use that only.


Roughrider - saw a couple out there.  They've been sitting a while at that price as likely few need those older ones.  Don't mind paying, just hate to drop $130 on a back up .....and then not knowing how well it works.  I can drop a few more and get a better back up unit with gps if needed.  Just thought I would see if anyone had one around collecting dust.  Beneficial to both parties.

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