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    • Newbie question...

      Do you troll spoons behind flashes, or stick to flies?    Thank you

      in Open Lake Discussion

    • Newbie to lake O

      Hi everyone, just looking for a little advice. I am or will be a newbie to fishing lake O. I fish the fingerlakes a lot, but have never made the trip up. Something about lake O just intrigues me. The issue is, that I have a 16 ft boat. I've fished some pretty rough water in it on Seneca and Cayuga, but nothing like what the big lake can dish out.   I'd like to pick a couple days that the wind is really calm this fall and try my hand at some salmon on the lake O. Any suggestions on laun

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    • any tips for a newbie on Cayuga?

      headed up to my parents' place on Cayuga next week.  Eastern shore about a mile south of Milliken power plant.  Hoping to jig up my first lake trout.  Did a bit of scouting over a long weekend about a month ago, marked some fish on my Garmin echoMap sonar, but couldn't hook up.   I'll be in a canoe - I have an electric trolling motor and a drift sock to keep me stationary and jig as vertical as possible.  I have some 3/4-oz jig heads and some plastics.  Also some spoons.   An

      in Finger Lakes Discussion

    • Twisted up newbie issues

      So I’m new to Salmon, also fairly new to riggers though I have used them for Walleye a few times on others boats. Here’s problem I ran into today, horrible knotted up extreme line twist on mainline from the downrigger release (blacks) to the spin doctor. On the termination end of my main line I was only using a snap (no swivel) thinking the swivel on the spindoctor would be adequate (a friends suggested I use a swivel and snap at the termination end) OR was I dropping the ball too fast (manu

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    • Rate this spoon box for a newbie

      Need honest opinions

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