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Newbie checking in!

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Just started reading but was hooked immediately -- really appreciate how open most guys are with tactics/ reports.  I live downtown TO at the moment but get out 6-8 times a season for bass, pike, muskie, salmon.


16ft. camouflage Legend ("The Glorious 12th").  No down riggers yet, so I'm still focusing on spring/fall salmon since I can;t get down to them in the summer.  Fish out of Ash Bridges Bay or Collingwood if I can -- 6 month old at home, so hoping to be able to make the most of my times out on the water through some research on here.



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welcome aboard . if your looking for gear that wont break the bank? check out the classified section on this sight, you wont find it any cheaper anywhere. ive bought a lot of gear off here and am more that happy with my transactions.

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