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for sale : usa Fresh Quality and Healthy Grade A Giant Bluefin Tuna Fish for Sale

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We are dedicated specialist in varieties of species both inshore and offshore like fresh Giant Bluefin Tuna, Haddock/Pollock/Cod, Sharks, Striped Bass. We sell locally caught sustainable seafood at affordable prices to seafood lovers nationwide. Our most popular trip and our favourite species to target is the Giant Bluefin Tuna. This is an offshore trip where we hunt solely for the largest tuna on the planet. Our amazing ground structure holds and supports the life that attracts Giant Bluefin Tuna to our waters. Although these giant tuna fish have been coming to our waters for years, they have become harder and harder to catch. We have gone from catching these giant tuna fish on rope to now having to fish light lines to entice the fish to bite. The Niclodeon loaded with new Simrad electronics is a 35' Donelle, powered by a 370 HP Cummins diesel engine. The Donelle's wide beam and excellent shape make an extremely comfortable and dry ride. The beam helps to keep her very sturdy in the roughest seas. The cabin has heat and AC to keep us comfortable no matter what the Northeast weather has to offer. The Niclodeon's technology is top of the line. Also new is the SKW Generator that ensures we always have plenty of power no matter where we are. The outdoor giant tuna fishfinder makes it extremely exciting to see what's under us while we are out on the deck fishing. What actually emerged as a weekend sport gradually turned into our strong passion and beloved livelihood and we spends as much time on the water as possible to track the patterns of Giant Bluefin tuna. Capt. Nathan wants to share his passion for the ocean and his knowledge of these amazing giant tuna fish with you. His energetic and competitive personality ensures the best possibly catch of giant tuna fish. We sell locally caught Giant Bluefin Tuna and other seafood at affordable prices to seafood lovers nationwide. Contact us for more details if interested.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 804-451-1164.


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