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Old yozuri that I glass beaded then sanded it down. Now it looks like this


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Thanks guys I was really happy with that one. I have more failures that good ones. I will definitely swim this one!! I’ll post a pic with this lure IF it lands a fish guys, but I’m far from being productive, it takes me to long to do just 1!! But it’s something I enjoy doing!! PAP. :rock:

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Fish nut, once you get the hang of the air brush, which I bought a Iwata, it’s a touch above the middle of the road. Once you get the hang if what needle to use and the different air pressures to use it’s not that technical as long as your in the general area of the air pressures your good. I’m still to slow because I’m the type if it’s not what I wanted then I get disgusted quick, then you might as well put everything away!!

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