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6/6 Evening Solo trip out of Oz

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Fished 4:30 until just after 8. Set down at 90 feet with fish on the screen but no takers. First fish 100' down over 125' 10 pound or so King.

Headed north looking for a temp break, found it at 325' then it was game on. Put 3 more in the boat with the largest at just about 20 pounds. Had a couple releases with nobody home. Rigger releases cranked fairly tight too.

When the big one came to the boat it got feisty and ran between the port rigger cable and fishing line on that rigger, have no idea how it didn't tangle. Now he's on the port side of the boat and decides to try and swim under the boat. Managed to get him back up and net him off the side of the boat. Whew!


Hits were 50/50 paddle/fly & spoons. Paddle/fly took the biggest fish





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48 minutes ago, Rtrucking40 said:

Sry to be a newbie but what do you mean temp break? What did u find and how did u find it. One of my strong points hasnt been finding fish after what worked the day before dissaperes!

I was getting 53 (or so) degrees at the surface and 51 degrees all the way down to 70' or so. This held true all the way out to about 300' in the area I was fishing. Just after 300' I was getting 43 degrees at 50' down. Although 3 of my fish came at 95-100 down. Not sure what temp was down there as my probe was parked at 50' One fish came off that rigger.

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