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6/7 evening out of hughes

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Set up around 5:30 with some other boats in about 100 fow, there were a few marks about 50 down, no takers, so we headed north. When we got out to 150 fow and we found tons of bait with lots of hooks around them, all on the bottom. but we could reach that deep with 8lb balls on the riggers. A few fish came part way up to take a look, but no bites. (got to love modern electronics).

As we crossed 100 fow around 7pm we hooked up with a double, lost both. Made a few passes as the sun went down, we did managed to get 2 in the boat before calling it quits. All spoon bite, nothing on the spin doctor and fly, stingray diehard took 3 of 4 muped with the moonshine spoon.


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Sounds exactly like my trip out of Sodus. Set up in 85’ marked a ton up high. Had two releases but no one home. Worked our way to 150’ and turned back hoping to get all the fish to go that we marked inside 100’. Hopefully back out tomorrow.

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