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Cisco or Traxtech

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Ok rigging my Polar 2300wa and I'm planning on all traxtech equip except for the planner reels, going with cisco electric reels.

Planning on 2- 3 rod trees, 6 rod holders, 2 traxstech Downriggers. 2 cisco planner reels of the hardtop.


What are your favorite rod holders, and why?


Anyone have the gimbal mounting system?


Any info would be appreciated. Here's what I'm rigging up....20180511_103038.jpg


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You don’t mention which boards you plan to pull, but I’ll caution you on the Amish white plastic boards if that’s what you’re planning to use. Even with CISCO reels, pull them in one at a time steering towards the one you’re clearing to reduce the force needed to retrieve the plastic Amish boards. If you pull them in heading straight down the lake at trolling speed they’ll come in, but you’ll eventually burn up the motors after a season or two of doing that. We’ve just learned that the expensive way and have 2 replacement motors on order.

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You will love the Cisco electric planer reels, added a set this past spring, perfect, wonderful workmanship, very strong, great guarentee. I deal directly with Mr. Dave Logan @ Cisco, great guy, very helpful . As for rod holders, I think they are great, all machined aircraft aluminum, infinitley adjustable,no welding, every part is machine fitted, fantastic quality, you will enjoy Cisco products

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I just rigged my new boat over the winter. I used products from both companies as well.

Cisco electric reels are the way to go. Get the extended arm for the pulleys.

I didn't go with trees instead I mounted Cisco rod holders on the grab bar for my hard top, 2 on each side..

Cisco tracks down the gunnels & across the back. Cisco was able to make some custom lengths for me with a quick turn around.

Traxstech ratcheting lift & turn rod holders are really nice. I have these in the tracks for Diver rods & down rigger rods.

Went with Traxstech down riggers. Simply love these down riggers but for the price you should!

I ordered my down riggers back in January and it took 8 weeks to get them. I would call and talk to them to find out how long before placing an order.    

Products form both companies are great just decide which products work in what locations on your boat best for you

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I did the same thing Cisco  electric planer board reels with otter boards, and all Traxtech  I got a drink holder on my 3 rod trees but a plastic  p butter  jar in there and it holds all my releases  . Cisco   has a better motor  now 

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