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what chart is best for me-I found it


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Hi members.

Ashamed to say I have not been on since I bought my Lund boat in april  I think.

Anyway I was so busy as My wife decided (you know what I mean guys).

To sell the big colonial in Pittsford and move to a ranch rental community.

TIred of paying all those taxes for property-etc  etc. and  doing all the (1 acre) Yard work.

3500 sq ft prairie style colonial which housed me and my wife and her parents that moved in for 12 yrs until they passed away.

My son and his wife lived there and also  my daughter and her husband. Would you believe it took over four dumpsters as everyone left stuff.


Looking for the best chart for my 16" NSS evo2. One that shows wrecks and everything.

I have not even been out yet. Just dropped the Lund in the slip at bald eagle Marina.

I also have the slip next to it for my Premier Pontoon boat which is not yet in the water.

Any extras you might think I will need for this Simrad. 

They recommend C-Charts.

I appreciate any input at all.


The small ranch I have on the water here in Kendal is going to get some extras this year if I can find the right people.

My wife thinks a new deck with steps going down to the break wall.

Thinking of getting Davits installed for my pontoon  or my Lund.

Don't even know where to start looking.

I have been so busy lately.

I am 78 and have not lost any interest in fishing at all.

I worked hard all my life and have really been enjoying it lately.

I am a very lucky person.

I hope we all have a great fishing year.

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