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OAK 9/28 - evening

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Got lines in about 4:00 a little East of Port in 70fow and before the last rod was set - fish on! A nice fiesty 14lb king on the 66 rigger with a NK nbk mag. Trolled out to 100 and the 80' rigger goes and we land an 8+lb king which took a black and purple NK mag (not sure of name). Stayed in around 100fow and next fish was lost near the boat - king 10 -15lbs that hit the same NBK mag. We took three more kings - two around 10lbs and one dink. One on Tranny mag and the other two one a green.glow j-plug - same rigger depths. Nothing on the dipsies at various depths - one side with flasher flies and the other with spoons. Good to be out - better to catch fish - and best of all - THE BILLS WON!!




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