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Auto pilot.


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Interested in auto pilot .I have a mid 90s 2352 trophy.anybody have any info or opinions . I Believe  it has cable steering at the wheel. Thanks for any help!

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Yep.  I have a similar boat.  A 1997 Bayliner 2252 Express Cruiser hard top.  4 years ago I installed a Raymarine Sportpilot.  While it did do the job, it wasn't as nice as I wanted it.  It was loud, constantly running, and after 10hrs of trolling it got annoying to listen to.  Furthermore, each year I had to send the SportPilot back to Raymarine and have the clutch pads and bearings replaced.  


This year I decided to switch my boat over to hydraulic steering.  The job really isn't that difficult.  I have an in-depth thread in this forum that walks you through exactly how I did it.  It is night and day difference.  

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