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Fair Haven 6/23 - wounded warriors

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What a day. 14 boats took out 30+ vets and volunteers. Tally was 77 fish landed, 139 bites, and one hell of a good time. From the minute rods were set the radio was alive with hookups and fish being landed by our group.


I went 8 for 10 with my 2 Vets, AJ and Delmar.


We fished waters just west of the chute between 100-140 FOW. We had 2 doubles and my dipsy program accounted for 6 of our 10 fish we had on. Dipsys out 250 and 275 both pulling white/green dot spinnies with Stud Flys and Hammers were hot. Riggers at 50,65,77, and 80 also took fish. Matador paddle with sweet pea fly, green jean spoon, and 11” cannonball rig meat rig were my rigger setups that produced bites.


Everyone caught fish and it truly was a terrific day for all boats, veterans, volunteers, and captains involved





‘Bout Time


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:yes: The smiles on those guys faces  say more than mere words could convey. Thanks for doing it and for sharing the results with us.

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