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Where to start?

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If it wasn’t for ppl putting up reports I wouldn’t have a clue where to start fishing every time I go out. My question is what are the deciding factors everyone uses to pick their starting spots? Knowing what worked yesterday is far from a sure thing the next day as we all know. Even once the lake sets up what makes you decide to fish the thermocline in 150fow or 300fow?

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It's really tough, and this is only my 3rd year. But some of my best days have when I marked very little or no fish or bait. Some of my worst days were over staging Kings with a solid screen of fish and no bites! I usually start where the latest report said, and if that isn't available I start in 80 to 100 and either look for bait, or troll north towards deeper water. I am finding temperature does not play as big a factor as I thought. When the bait is in an area seems like the fish ate there regardless of the temp.

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