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Cayuga Cayuga Jigging Report - 6/28 - AM

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Launched at Myers around 5AM and headed north to the power plant. A few pics below.


Lake was perfectly calm today and the fishing was great. 11 Fish landed by 10:00AM when we packed up and went to work. Fish were shallower than on the weekend. Best fishing was between 40-60 FOW. I don't normally look that shallow but the screen was blank anywhere above 60 FOW. Biggest fish was 28" and came in 45 FOW. I am happy to report I have seen no lampreys at all on Lakers this year, I have even seen Lakers with no lamprey wounds at all. Whatever has occurred that caused them to be gone, it is working from what I see. I also got the FF dialed in a bit more and figured out what was causing all that noise. Very happy with the way it performed today. All fish released successfully. Screen seems almost impossible to keep clean with fish spraying slime everywhere when we land em but Ill get a cloth for it at some point. 





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Fished slightly north of the plant in the evening with similar results.  Jigged up seven fish, biggest being 10.1 lbs.  Switched to trolling around 7:30 and picked up another 10-15 fish - mostly on cowbells. 60-80 FOW was good.

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