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I have not been up in a few years. I just checked my gear and my flasher tape is actually peeling off the flashers unfortunately that's how long it's been. It only seems to be the crushed ice tape . My question is what color combinations are working these days. Can I stick with the old standards of green and white spin doctors and prochip flashers .Hammer flies green flies white flies any help would be great. Thanks to all


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I have picked up a couple on green uv rotating flasher with green atomic fly on a dipsey rod and I have been having good success with a 6-8ft cheater attached to cable and the  main fish line with a rubber band located 8-10 feet above bottom spoon. I use a 3in spoon for the cheater similar in color to the larger bottom spoon.  Bottom spoon is 15-20 feet back from ball. I also tend to put a rotating triangle flasher 4-6 feet back attached to the ball's rear loop, added attraction that works often.

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