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owasco wednesday 10/01

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it was my first time fishing owasco for lakers. i did what the locals told me. drove around until i found bait pods then stopped and jigged over the top of them. i even had the same jigs and colors (white) as everyone else. nothing. the other boats around me were catching plenty. i must have been doing something wrong. after 2 hours i got frustrated, put the riggers down and caught 3 on a purple spoon in 30 minutes. dragged the spoon right through the middle of the bait. about 60 ft down. and yes, i did forget to get a new sportmans liscense. oops. will do that today.

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Did you drop the jig right to the bottom and then reel up? Have had success with dropping the jig right to the bottom, waiting until I was directly over it and reeling the jig straight up. Definitely not like jigging for walleyes but have had good success with this technique in the past.

Good luck.

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