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"Trout" Mystery Tackle Box contents for June


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Hi All,


just wanted to share the contents of a Mystery Tackle Box that I recently received as a gift. For those who don't know, it's a service that sends you a box each month containing "top quality baits from amazing brands". Below is a summary of what I received in a regular sized "Trout" box. The price of this box is $16.99/month and is supposed to contain around $25 in tackle. I added a picture of the contents of the box below also. 


1. Yum Money Minnows 2 1/2" Shad

2. Catch Co. Minnow "pro series"

3. Rebel Tracdown Micro Crawfish

4. Road Runner Natural Science Glow Tube

5. Eagle One Bait Company Maggot Grub

6. Zoneloc Aberdeen Hooks size #4


My thoughts on the box- It was nice to receive this as a gift, however there is not much in this box that I would consider useful in fishing for trout around WNY. I feel like I could go to a local bait store and get the contents of this box for around $12.


Does anyone else have thoughts on this? Have any other members here signed up and received these boxes in the past and had a different experience? 



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Ice fishing and walleye boxes have had a few items that have been good. I keep asking for a salmon box. Might only get 1 item.

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9 hours ago, ifishy said:

Trout and lake Ontario trout are very different things that box would be good in the Adirondacks. Don't underestimate those plastics in the tribs come winter though

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True. That Rebel crayfish always has a spot in my spread on my favorite Adirondack pond. Other than a wobbler and worm, its my best producer.

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