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Wilson Bicentennial Tournament July 22nd

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Did it today,steady bite .probably dropped 3 or 4 that might have put us in the money, still had fun ! A few comments. It's great to see a tourney in July on the west end. Cheap buy in and decent pay back, thanks to the Town of Wilson matching entry fee's. Be great if they could do it every year and it probably wouldn't hurt to see if Olcott might Co- sponsor it, either by matching fee's or both towns splitting it, making it a joint Tourney over two days ?. Maybe call it  W.O.W , [ Wilson Olcott Weekend ]  Both Towns get a lot of revenue from fishermen and both ,IMHO, do little to promote there fisheries or give back to those that drop a lot of money into the local economy. Wouldn't hurt to put up a few waterproof posters around town or at the very least the launch ramps and Tackle Shops to attract the out of towner's that might not visit this site to get info. With the cheap buy in the charter boats ,even if the have clients will buy in. The locals and visitors with smaller boats are not intimated ,get a taste of tourney fishing and it doesn't break the bank. A non-obligated short Captains meeting Friday night would help the Calcutta end of things and maybe a few questions ,if any ,could be answered,like radio station number monitoring for cancellation and updates etc. Again thanks to whoever set this up,[ Mean Machine ?,] and hopefully if it happens next year I can thank you personally. 

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