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for sale : usa Fixed cheater duolock snaps for sale.

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$12  includes shipping

(8) for Salmon (red) for 20# to 50# main rod line.

(8) for browns and smaller fish (black). 10# to 20# main rod line.

Can do 16 of each also. Same price $12 includes shipping to us

more shipped to Canada

or 0.50each and $4 shipping more to Canada.

Send PM

paypal is

[email protected]







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53 minutes ago, bandrus1 said:

They slide down after fish hits

They have friction material built in to set the hook and then keep the line tight till it gets to bottom spoon. Prevents the slack you get with a free slider.

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15 hours ago, Sammy Dog said:

Ill take em Greg.. I’ll txt u this weekend?

Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United

I'll have more snaps Monday. I can make more for you next week Jay if you want some.Let me know.

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Ok Mike PayPal is
[email protected] 
If no shipping $0.75 each. Let me know. Or $16 shipped. Let me know.
Ok Greg. I'm at the lake this weekend and fishing on Sunday. If you want to stop by in the afternoon and drop them off. I'll take 8 of each if you have that many. If you can't stop you'll have to ship them. Thanks.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Lake Ontario United mobile app

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