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Perch on! oh wait pike on!?

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Granadire island trolling first thing am went 3 for 4 on pike and a bonus smallie all on Johnson silver minnows (gold and silver). Hit the perch spot and hit some decent ones. We noticed fresh tooth marks on a few. While my brother was reeling one in his rod bent straight down all of a sudden like he was snagged, to his surprise it was a giant pike with his perch hanging outside his mouth. I quickly grabbed the net and scooped him up. We could not believe the size of his belly he was full of perch. Another great day on the SLR!IMG952555.thumb.jpg.995a50a823164db0899cc1781e1953d1.jpgIMG952543.thumb.jpg.6a6dc3a22922d757916855799004fdb8.jpgIMG952539.thumb.jpg.0ad55140609574f565e4bd63f40399c9.jpgIMG952531.thumb.jpg.07fe18c47066e2c499d4ca4d72fb4e2f.jpg
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