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Chinook divers

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I use them ,they work great . Bigger the size the more depth if you want it.
Easy to remember how much line out to how deep your running
With the weight set on the #1 position it's double the line out to the depth you want.
With the weight set at the #4 position it's triple line out for depth you want.
I find them easy to reel in when the diver is tripped to.

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I run them as well and like the fact that when popped the drag is less than half of a dipsy diver, only thing I don’t like is they seem to plane out which is where Dipsey divers come in cause of that erings allowing them to get deeper than a chinook.

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20 hours ago, 180ccf said:

Where can I get these locally. Their website chart shows these going down to 100'. I want to try them out. I called BE Fishing and Tackle and they do not carry them.

Check your PM

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