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Good job! How do you keep the fleas off the line?   

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 Weighted steel lines off boards usually only light fleas.

Wire divers hold more fleas, but the wire easily cuts them when you rub a bunch up and down the wire.

For rigger lines I switch over to Flea Reels. Each has about 150’ of 40lb big game on and then a lighter fluorocarbon leader. The big game is between the release and rod tip, the fluoro trails behind the release to the bait. 40lb big game is big enough diameter that most fleas can’t get hooked on it. Splices to the backing and big game and the big game to leader are both Albright knots, the big game is the loop line and the smaller backing or leader is the end you wrap around the loop.

I use a flea file to get stubborn fleas off. A flea file is a plastic ruler or similar size water resistant stiff material with the male side of adhesive backed Velcro applied to it. To use, pull the line tight from both ends and rub the Velcro across the line like a musician would use their bow to play a string instrument. A moderate pressure sends the fleas flying as the Velcro rips them from the line. They do fly everywhere, but you just wash them down after with your deck hose.




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