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Frog mech splains a lot about you. I got nervous every time I crewed a Frog. Something about intermeshing rotors.

I was a 6113 and "Chitter" crew chief from 76 to 86 then a 6002 AMO till retirement in 98. But hey, every Marine is an infantry man first so I guess in theory I was an 0302 ;)

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So when I enlisted, the recruiter gave me my choice. Infantry, armor or artillery. I had my heart set on driving a tank. At P.I., the DI said I was the "Luckiest SOB" cuz I got all three choices. "Officialy attached to the artillery, living with the grunts, I'd get to shoot at tanks." The first time I saw one of my shells hit a tank, I was grateful for being with the Oh-5s.

'69-70. 3rd MarDiv.

Semper Fi

Tom B.


Ray - I just knew there was some freeking Air Wing in you. (just teasing) Had some interesting memories of some "twin rotor" rides.

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Well how do I start off.

( 1 ) post says ( army ) ain't ready to be a Marine yet. :lol:

Well in 1964-1965 1/3

1968-1969 3/5

1971 Tad to army for 71 days/ it sucked but good chow

So I hold a can of ham and lima beans high to the members of the corps. SEMPER FI to all of you

See Ray I thought we hand something in common . now stick that fish in the dishwasher

Just in case you fly guys know him , our team pilot was capt Mike Peterson, ring a bell ?

LONG LINE where at ?

JOHNBROWNT where at ?

There are only 2 who gave there life for you.

1. Jesus Christ for your sins

2. the American fighting man for your freedom

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