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Boat shopping - need guidance


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In the next 12-24 months I will be purchasing what I hope will be my "for life" boat. I'm hoping to avoid the brand new premium and go used. 


I do a lot of downrigging, trolling, jigging and the odd bass/pike fishing if the in-laws are around. I fish walleye and lakers out of small lakes, and Erie on occasion. The one gripe I have with most boats is that too much space is taken up by benches, seats, livewells, holders, and you end up with a really cramped floor. I'd rather a boat with an open concept which can accommodate riggers easily.


Initially I was interested in the west-coast style boats like Harbercraft / Kingfisher but I've since discovered other makes that offer an open floor like the Superfisherman or Fishmaster. 


I was hoping some of you could offer some advice and point me to some other makes/brands that fit the bill.


Appreciate any comments. Thanks.

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I fish very similar style to you and I loved my smoker craft phantom, if I liked the etec and steering wheel I would still have it. But I learned the hard way that I’m a tiller guy.

The wast coast style offers a lot of advantages if you’re mostly trolling especially with riggers. But you do give up some comfort while running.

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Check out the Lund Sport Angler. Mine is the 18' but fishes much bigger, have had it in seas larger than my liking and performed better than me. Fit and finish is really good as well. Powered by a 115 Honda and a 9.9 kicker. If I did it again  I would opt for the 135. Good luck with the search!

ps.  you do give up comfort when running with this style boat but the trade off is worth it

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Just purchased a Starcraft Fishmaster 210,. Awesome boat with one of the best warranties in the business. When i go to sell this boat people will be standing in line....check on-line...soon as one of these boats are posted for sale.. they are gone! Check out boat specs on-line... very deep..tons of storage...tons of room and will handle Lake Ontario no problem. Good luck in your boat hunt... but give Starcraft a look......      

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