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Took a day off to take one of my clients and his dad fishing. This was the first time they had ever been trolling. Launched at Myers and headed south. Got a short landlock and lost a nice one at the back of the boat. Made the turn and headed north very slow pick. After many hours of searching found some fish. They had a blast catching 4 to 6 pounders then they got one over 10lber. Lots of grins for sure. Dropped those guys at the dock and took another guy that I work with out for a short trip and he landed 10 fish in an hour. Since it is a derby weekend I can't give away to much info but I will say that the fish were moving big time. Most were around 85' and dipsy with flasher fly did the most damage. Fleas were bad but the weeds were not. 2.4 to 2.8 for speed. Total landed fish was around 25. Almost all returned to the lake but a few for supper. That is the nice thing when you catch them on flasher fly you can grab the heavy leader and  unhook them at the back of the boat and watch them dive back like a rocket. See you this weekend!    Wes

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Nice going Wes. Thanks for the report. Maybe see ya out there this weekend we'll be launching out of Dean's. I'll bet those folks are still talking about the fishing:smile: Good luck in the derby if I don't get a chance to connect.

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Was out today also out of myers. Had a very good day 80 ft was definitely the place to be today. Lost a giant rainbow behind the boat. Fish came out of the water 3. Times. We spent most of the day on the west side of the lake. Odd day as the sun got higher seemed the fishing got better. My divers were slow today but riggers were on fire. Good luck to all during the durby. We never broke 10 lbs but had 3 fish over 8

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