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Super Lube Hubs


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IMG_4163.thumb.jpg.20ea96730f724cbd3dfc2e23e2c6ba58.jpgHey Guys,

I have an issue that perhaps someone has had before and found a solution.


I bought a new 2015 Venture trailer (in 2015), dual axles with super lube hubs.  The front axle has brakes, rear axle does not.

In order to grease the hubs a rubber grommet is removed thus exposing the grease fitting.

No issues during 2015 and 2016.

The rubber grommets were NEVER easy to get off and even harder to put back on.

In 2017 I bought new grommets because the original ones were getting worn from the needle nose pliers that i used to remove and reinstall.


The new grommets were VERY easy to remove and install.  No need for pliers, just a fingernail would do fine.  I thought perhaps they were too small but there is only one size for the super lube hubs.

I have included a pic of the grommet in its packaging.


This is when my trouble with the grommets began.  At first I thought it was because I did not put them on "completely", so subsequently I was more careful.  The grommets continued to come off while trailering.  Note:  I typically trailer twice a week 85 miles each way.


The grommets come off of each wheel, no particular wheel although the starboard rear hub has lost its grommet more times than the other hubs.


I called Venture trailers in April 2018.  The rep said that I had the correct grommets.  

1)  He thought that the brakes  might be heating up causing the grease to expand thus pushing out the grommet.  The rear axle wheels do not have brakes.

2)  He thought maybe the cotter key on the nut might be grabbing the grommet.  I checked all 4 hubs, cotter keys were fine.

3)  He thought perhaps my hitch height was less or more than recommended.  I checked it, it was 21" just like recommended.

4)  He thought that the hubs were hot when I launched and the cold water caused the grommets to push out.  I began checking them and making sure that were seated properly after loading my boat before the 85 mile drive home.  

5)  He thought maybe I had too much grease in the "cup" so I started cleaning out the excess grease in the cup.


I went to Oak Orchard on 7/11.  When I got there the hubs were fine.  Before I left the hubs were fine.  When I got home the rear starboard grommet was missing AGAIN.


The bearings are fine, the inner seals are fine.  I just keep losing the grommets and getting grease all over the wheel.  It does not happen all the time.  I have trailered my boat 24 times in 2018.  I have lost 5 grommets during this time.


Any thoughts??


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From my experience not all the grommets are created equal. I used the ones in your pic a few years back and thought they were junk. As you said, they were way too easy to remove and install.. i did also have one fall off. I tossed them in the garbage and got a bunch off ebay that are much stiffer and provide a much tighter seal. No problems in 5 or so years. I will check and see if there is a brand name on them and report back

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I have the same super lube hubs and had the same problem getting  those darn things in and out,  I drive from NH  to  the big O ,   I started to pop off the  tin   cover  greasing  before I leave  and checking the hubs when we stop to piss  and make sure they  are cool, never had another problem   and have not had  to change  my bearings in  5 years  and I sell them for a living . Matter of  fact we are leaving in the am to the  big O

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