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It has been a...challenging offseason. I read many posts to figure out what to do today, so I’m paying it forward.

Today was only my second time out and my crew had one back out late this morning and one not get to the boat until 8:40. We persevered. Quick stop for gas and to the lake we went.

Dropped in around 80 fow heading north of the Webster point and set two down riggers, one at 60ft other 70ft. While tightening down the line on the 70 down rigger I thought I tripped it until the line started ripping off. Got the fish to the surface a ways out but lost him. 0-1. Set the same pole down to the same spot and went to set up a dipsey - the rod fired a second time. Handed the rod to the new guy as line was ripping out. He is learning and did a lot of reeling with no line coming in. Worked on his technique, but the fish had other ideas. 0-2 in 15 minutes. About 20 minutes after that the first rod fired - small king. Slow troll out to 150 and turned around. The way in the current was causing problems for our speed and we seemed unable to dial it in. On the gps out we were at 2.9 to 3.0. On the way in we were down to 2.3 or jumped to 3.3. It was my first time trying trolling bags. I usually use a Picked up one small laker. 2-2. The trip was short (pulled lines at 11:30 for the guy that was late to start) but blood hit the deck and my new fish finder/gps (Raymarine Dragonfly) was AMAZING! My old fish finders never picked up the detail we got today. Marked bait all through 90-120 fow. There was a good amount of life out there. All bites were on Spoons - 50,60,70 down. Glow spoons seemed to be the key for us. White/Red and white/green.

It was great to be back out there!



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