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Walleye Drawing

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Howdy all,


A fellow I know from the North Country recently finished this drawing of a walleye. He’s not real well versed in e-commerce, so I offered to see if I could sell a few online for him.











The size of the paper they are printed on is 11” X 15 1/4”. There is a boarder of approximately 1”, making he drawn portion about 10” X 14”


He has a very few larger prints of the same drawing. I don’t have the exact dimensions, but are approximately 14” X 19”


The price for the regular size print is $90.00 delivered in the US.


The large print is $ 125 delivered.


I prefer PayPal, but if your not in a hurry, and can wait for a check to clear before shipping, I will take a check.


$10 discount if paying with cash, and picked up in person in Watertown NY.


PM me if interested,


Thanks for looking,







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1 hour ago, rusty1034 said:

I’ve tried a couple of different was to get a clearer photo to attach, but can’t seem to get it to happen. Any suggestion? The pix I’m trying to attach is very clear.

Thank - Rusty

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Can't quite understand what your problem is, but I imagine it has to do with uploading direct to LOU.


I would suggest first uploading to imgur.com, then link the image through here. Don't upload, use IMG tags (wrapped in square brackets). I can help you with that if you give me the imgur link.

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8 minutes ago, ontherise said:

I see three perch, one baitfish ,a woman with pointy ears, a man with a hat and an eyeball..

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I also see big boobies on the left, and a naked woman in the log. Also writing that looks like "Sally" with a heart and cross.


I see three women (2 faces, 1 full body)


Also a hat sitting on the bottom.


Very cool drawing!

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Paul is a friend of my fathers. Have many interesting drawings of his. When he saw my pb walleye pic it intruiged him that he never had a drawing with one. Damn cool to have him go off your own pic of one! 



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