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boat rail system


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I have two boats now at bald eagle marina. I have tried everything to  get a boat ramp installed  or a rail system. on my property in Kendal.

There are a lot of boat rail system installers   in Canada but not in the lake Ontario area..

The ones that did contact me say they will come and look at it but never do.

Even tried to get davits installed.

Guess I will have to find Samson and Hercules to came and lift them on shore.

I have a pretty good breakwall so I think the rail system is the way to go.

There are some construction crews working on Breakwalls and shore repairs but don't want to waste time trying to get past the DEC.

I even have a state built Boat ramp built by the state between my property and my neighbors but  mostly filled in with huge gigantic boulders and unusable and I can't touch it  because it is state land.

I had a gravel area dug out  on the other side of the road on my property so I can store  both boats there in the winter.

If anybody knows of anyone who can install rail systems or boat ramps I would love to hear from them.



David G



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The state of New York collects millions of dollars in fees from boaters. Registration fees from boats, trailers, gasoline taxes, sales taxes, launch fees, and other deals. It disappears in the Black Hole called Albany . You must contact your Governor, State Senator and Assembly Man. Also your County Supervisors and town leaders to get the ball rolling. Nothing but our money disappears for the past fifty years.

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Hi jimski2

I am afraid you are right. I just talked to two people finally who used to do this work but they said to forget it.

If I or anybody else wants to put something in the water like a lift or pileings that they can tie their boat to-the DEC will not give them a permit anymore.

The lake always takes them over-especially after a big storm. The bed on lake Ontario moves etc etc etc.

Can't put in a ramp either as the concrete has to extend into the water a no no for fish environment.

Maybe I should consider myself blessed having a marina 5 minutes away.

How do these marinas get the ok to rebuild and ad more docks and slips. Funny how stupid some of us (me) are.

These people like the DEC get their foot in the door saying we only want to do this for the environment but is a short time ,they can do anything they want.

As for where I have my place which is right near bald eagle marina you can't beat it.That woman running it has really turnd it around and it is loaded with boats. Nice  big restaurant now and fish ,lots  of big fish being caught.

I saw a shore patrol boat yesterday that had three 300 hp engines on it and the boat is not that big. It is for speed.

They know how to spend that free money they get.

anyway good fishing to everybody and someway somehow I will solve this problem. The people who gave me this info are rebuilding  the break walls and installing others from scratch. I lucked out on mine and don't need repairs.

The neighbor on my left said it cost him $30 k and the other two doors down said he paid close to $60k. I think it's called Lake Ontario construction.





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