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Airmar B60 to HDS 9 connection issue


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The connection that I have from the transducer is black in color and will only fit into the "Structure" port on the back of the unit. Am I missing an adapter or do I have the wrong model Airmar transducer?

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I know that with the Gen3's your standard transducer needs to be connected to the 7 pin port and the "structure" 9 pin port is just for structure scan

whereas  the Carbon units will support 2 transducers and you can use either or both ports.


My B60 is a few years old and has a 7 pin connector that plugs right into the transducer port 

I also have an Airmar TM150 transducer that has a 9 pin connector and I needed this adapter cord  for my Gen3:




I don't know for sure if this will work with your B60 or not but would think that it should.  Might want to give Airmar or Lowrance a call


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If it is a "newer" B60, it should be a plug n play transducer. It has a shorter pigtail, universal, then you get the proper cord for your unit.


If it doesn't have the pigtail, they have a junction box you can install to adapt to the proper cord.

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