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Sandy Creek Shootout BFF and Calcutta paid list!!

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We are less then 2 weeks away from a great weekend of fishing. Just like the past years, Big Fish Friday is a one fish event. Can be any species of Trout or Salmon. As follows is the paid teams for this year's Big Fish Friday event and teams that are entered for Calcutta for the Shootout. An * after the teams name represents Calcutta.


**** Weigh in starts at 2pm and must be in line no later then 3pm!****



2. Legacy *

3. Escape*

4. Mr. Breeze

5. Alyda ( Calcutta only)*

6. Net Breaker *

7. Double AA*

8. Fin N Tonic*

9. Pull The Hook*

10. Screamin' Reels*

11. Jager / Jolly Roger ( Calcutta only)*

12. Shark Hunter

13. Piece of Work*

14. Just Reel*

15. Live Action

16. Scotsman II*

17. Yankee Troller ( Calcutta only)*

18. Freespirit*

19. Double D*

20. Silver Fox*

21. Top Angler

22. Aways Something *

23. Reel Serious ( Calcutta only)*

24. Poleish Moments ( Calcutta only)*

25. Richmond 4 *

26. Rigged ( Calcutta only)*

27. Get the Net*

28. Bullseye ( Bullseye)*

29. Irish Thunder ( Calcutta only)*







































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