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Took my son out tonight for a quick trip since he won't leave me alone to get after the king's ( and I love that he bugs me). Lake was calm when we got there so we ran out to 450 but we were quickly greeted by 4'ers. I had just dropped the probe rigger so decided to pull it and head inside. Set back up in a calmer 250 and did a southwest troll. Picked up a good one on high rigger @ 62' which turned into a disaster. This was the first salmon trip with just him and I and netting the fish was a sight to see, but we got it done. 15# king and my son's PB. We picked up a half dozen more smaller fish, dipsy on 3 out 167 was hot with a black spoon/ green dots. Meat on paddle for both high and low riggers worked too. Slower bite than what I've seen but this was the first trip staying inside. Drove back over the waypoint of the big fish and ran over a giant bait ball holding solid marks all around it but this time was a south east troll and nothing fired. Headed south on a clear screen and pulled em by 100fow. Inside def had some good water but not much action. 2 hour troll, all fish made it to the boat, my son was happy. Biggest king of his life ! IMG_20180720_185542762.jpgIMG_20180720_222036510_LL.jpgIMG_20180720_203824305.jpg


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