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We are on our first trip to Lake O for the year. Arrived Wednesday afternoon and idled upriver to Wiley’s to dock and secure Li’l Bit. Left the dock about 6:30 and started out front in about 90 fow. We trolled around west of the harbor in mostly 100-130 fow and picked up several decent kings and one steel. IMG_1961.JPGIMG_1964.JPG

Overall we kept four kings and one steel. We released four and lost four others.


Yesterday we hit the lake a little earlier and passed the wall about 5:50 am. We tried west again and picked up one king. IMG_1976.JPG

Then we went east and got our boat best 16 pound brown. IMG_1973.JPG

While leading tat one to the net we had a screaming reel on a diver that resulted I our first 20 pound king of the season. IMG_1974.JPG

We also had 16 and 18 pound kings yesterday. IMG_1984.JPG

Best lures have been a green/black spoon with a white ladder and two diver setups - a black double crush glow spin doctor pulling a blue hammer fly and a chrome uv two face son doctor with a stud glo fly. Riggers have been at 30 ft to 90 ft and divers have been out 125-180. Fleas have been present but not a problem.


Kids want to go to Niagara Falls this morning so we might get out this afternoon - or maybe not.



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