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for sale : usa New Vintage Cannon Digi TrilIV Master & Slave & Equipment

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Canon New Vintage Unused   Digi Trol IV’s Master and  slave downrigger units with all accessories as shown in the photos. Includes gimbal  (rod holder) mounts, low profile swivel bases, dual front mount rod holder, rear mount rod holder, Cannon logo covers, retro-ease weight retriever, big body Cannon locks, Cannon offshore line releases, logic relay interface master to slave, DT IV Transducer (transom installed has to be considered used as it was install once then removed after one season but never used but never hooked up),  10 pound finned lead weights, two stubby adaptors and instruction manual. $1750.00 all

 Digi- Troll IV Factory Settings --The Digi- Troll IV factory settings allow you to immediately use your downrigger without taking the time to program settings. Listed below are the factory settings:

RUN-TO DEPTH (the depth the cable will automatically go to)      1 foot:  CYCLE TIME (the time delay for the cycle depth) 15 sec. ; CYCLE DEPTH (the amount of vertical travel to simulate strikes) 5 feet: ZERO (position of weight above the water level) 2 feet: CABLE (Indicates 400 feet of cable) CA4: UP SPEED (speed to bring weight up) Fast: DOWN SPEED (speed to take weight down) Fast.

There are also five settings stored in memory to allow you quick and easy changes to the depth of the cable. The factory settings are: Depth Memory Values : #1 -25 feet: #2 -     50 feet : #3 -100 feet: #4 -150 feet: and #5 -200 feet.







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