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Seneca 7-21

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Well, ran a morning trip Saturday and the lake trout wanted to play. Down temps were changing from 40 degrees to 70 degrees 60 down. The rolling lake prevented a good target depth for off species. But that bottom 30 fow was active.


Our morning group from Lake Champlain wasnt disappointed. We managed fish from start to finish with never a lack of bites. Gambler rigs were the secret with a few deep spoons producing as well. A long copper out the back brought some fish in with the laker slime attached to a stinger "grease trap".


Started with glow in the am, and shifted to chrome's before long. The glow gambler peanut rig pictured produced all day however, while the chromes I had to play with the colors.


After enjoying a lunch with friends after dockside, once the winds relaxed we snuck back out to put a friend on fish who was a first time. We fished for less than 2 hours and boated plenty. This time, divers produced out 187 with chrome's and uv. The stud fly was quality.



No fishing today as the winds are severe.



Get fishing!, soon.







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