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Lake forest beach

150 Mariner oil mix

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No , that is pretty much the standard mixture rate for all 2 "smokes." The problem is if you decide to lean out the jets you run the risk of burning a hole in the piston. Better to be a bit rich than lean.

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Back when Mariners were sold in the USA, I had a dealership. The small Mariners were actually made by Yamaha and the larger Mariners were Made by Mercury. The Gasoline contained LEAD and No Alcohol.  the 2 stroke mix was 50:1 and worked well.   Sines the crazy Kaliforinas removed the Lead and added 10 to 15 % Alcohol  you need to compensate for the ****ty gas by running a 40:1 Oil mix or even 30:1 if your in high altitude ie: Not at Se leavel as the O2 Percentage that is calculated for proper combustion diminished.

Smoke those MosqueSkiToes!


well, I have never seen an Ice Scratcher Motor but it Looks Safe? Here, Hold my Beer! 


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